Anandita Ikat, leather, beads, tassels – such indigenous elements are outlined with contemporary clean lines. Anandita's Shah's label, 500BC, is all about juxtaposing local textures within an international structure. This design approach makes Shah's accessories both incredibly versatile and astonishingly functional. 500BC, has fittingly then, been inspired by both the Indian milieu Shah occupies, and the time she spends in the urban West. Her design aesthetic is informed by what German philosopher Karl Jaspers called the Axial Age, and by her great passion for travel, as well as by Indian philosophy, of which she is a keen student. According to Jaspers, the period between 800BC and 200BC, the foundations of human spirituality were simultaneously formed by great thinkers in Persia, India, China, and the Occident. The label has been named for 500BC, which marks the pivotal midpoint in the Age when the Buddha and Mahavira, sages who revolutionised Indian thought, were born. Shah was born and brought up in Mumbai, and was a student of degree in economics and business management, before she studied accessory design at The London Institute. Her fascination with mythology, art, music, architecture and philosophy ties in with her global adventures to form the label's sensibility of the traditional within the modern. 500BC currently retails through select stores in India, and online in America and the UK.


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